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Jaglets Properties own, manage and rent spaces in free standing houses, apartment buildings and duplexes. With seventy near-campus spaces, it's likely we can meet your needs.

Jaglets family owned

Mother/Daughter Owners

I've been meeting near-to-campus housing needs in Lexington and around University of Kentucky (and Transylvania University) for over thirty years and am fortunate to have my daughter Abby as a partner. We own and manage thirty five rental units, housing seventy tenants and would be happy to field your questions. Both Abby and I are easy to reach and talk to. The comfort and welfare of our tenants is important to us. – Trudy Sims

Available Parking

Looking for (and remembering) parking can be a chore and while our units are in walking distance from campus and many other needs (shopping, parks, etc...), the on-site parking will be a notable feature.


Walk to school, grocery, parks, cafes and other neighborhood features.